Lilly The Silence

【 Silence ‧ Lilly 】 【寧 ‧ 蓮 】 Water Lilly definitely is one of the most elegant water grown flowers in nature whatever the color and petal structure. It is a symbol of Peace and harmony in human history. Dimension: 58 x 36cm

< The Peony >

【 The Peony 】 【 牡丹紅 】 The elegance amid Peony is well represented in the prospering reddish petals, which also exemplifies the good fortune. Dimension: 58 x 36cm

The Daisy

【 The Daisy 】 【 蟹菊黃 】 Not only is daisy distinguished by its vibrant colours and cheerful bloom, it is also a carrier of longevity. The unique crab-like yellowish petals bring out a dynamic yet soft touch. This painting have the honor of being selected by Hong Kong and Taiwan International society to be exhibited in Hong Kong and Taiwan respectively on 5 – 8/April and TBC / November. Dimension: 58 x 36cm

The Daffodil

【 The Daffodil 】 Dimension: 58 x 36cm