【 The Dragon Boat Flower 】 【 龍船花 】 The Dragon Boat flower is ubiquitous in Hong Kong. You can find them anywhere – From gardens to cracks of pedestrian walks. It is a tough plant that is highly resistant to extreme weather. Dimension: 38 x 26cm

The song of sun

【 The Song of Sun 】 【 頌 ‧ 日 】 Sunflower is definitely the symbol of energy and power. Also, it can make people positive in mind when you are looking at it. It just like a big good smile emoji with its eye catching large golden rayed petal. Dimension: 58 x 36cm


【 Peony Peony 】 【 牡丹 】 This is my first attempt on Peony. I used a relatively pure opera colour to paint the petals in order to create a bright and alluring vibe. Dimension: 38 x 26cm

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