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< Watercolor> 《水色》Hong Kong Taiwan Joint Exhibition 2018

April 04, 2018

"Water Color" Hong Kong Taiwan Joint Exhibition
Date: 5-8 April 2018
Venue: Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre 
Opening: 5 April 2018 5:00pm

Organised by IWS Hong Kong /Taiwan World Watercolor Alliance

As the year comes to a close and we prepare for the festivities, ask yourself this: what more can I give? This December, theDesk joins with neighbourhood partners and local artists to explore and contemplate the definition of the pursuit of happiness through art and charity.

隨着城市化急速發展,不少舊建築難逃被搬遷、拆卸、重建的厄運,想把這些風光留住,有人選擇拍照,有人傾向筆錄,也有人喜歡速寫(Sketch)。2014年成立的SKETCH Hong Kong,旨在鼓勵大眾通過實地速寫及文化漫步連結社區,參加者毋須繪畫經驗,也可以免費參加導賞體驗團,跟着地膽沿路認識鹽田梓、荷李活道、灣仔、鯉魚門等在地歷史文化,並借用速寫記錄,捕捉香港尚未消失的地道風光。

SKETCH Hong Kong昨日舉行傳媒發佈會,介紹今年聯同家電品牌Miele推出的以香港傳統特色美食為主題的速寫活動SKETCH Hong Kong Food。飲食文化能夠見證社會的變遷,活動將會重點探索元朗、深井、長洲、屏山和油麻地的地道飲食文化及背後的故事。

Sketch Hong Kong exhibition shows how art is flowering in the grassroots By South China Morning Post

June 30, 2016

A few years ago, people in Hong Kong started using the phrase “lei dei”, meaning “lifted off the ground”, to describe politicians and officials deemed too detached from the real world. Today, the phrase is used to attack anything that challenges the intellect or purse. Abstract, conceptual art and the prices it commands at auction are easy targets.

SKETCH Hong Kong’s 2016 exhibition will open tomorrow, 1 July, at Pacific Place, presenting a fresh perspective on Hong Kong’s architectural and cultural heritage. The exhibition showcases 58 works of art, from sketches to watercolour paintings, that demonstrate the talent of a range of amateur artists, and they depict historical buildings all over the city, as well as restaurants, markets and traditional Hong Kong dishes.

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